DeezNotes is a collective of DJs from Baltimore, MD USA established in 2000.  Our website features mixes which we share for free.  We also include mixes from other DJs we’ve collaborated with over the years.

Although Hip-Hop is a favored genre between us, we also delve into the worlds of House, Rock, Funk, 80s, Electro, Moombahton, Trap, R&B, Baltimore Club, Reggae, Disco, etc.  We encourage all visitors to browse the site, listen and comment.  If there’s something you want to hear, visit our Contact page to let us know.  We might have something for you.

This blog is intended for promotional use only.  Not only for us DJs, but for the artists as well.  In addition to enjoying the music you’re familiar with, we really aim to introduce you to music you’re not so familiar with.  If you find a song you like, we urge you to support those artists.  We do this because we love DJing.  We have a lot of records, and it would be a shame if no one ever got to hear them.